Is Putting Digital First Still Paramount for Advertisers? Finding “Act-a-likes”

PREformance-Shopper-Actalikes“Leveraging online and offline data provides a holistic view of the consumer,” says Beth Keegan in an article on Adotas Internet Advertising & Media News.

“This combination of syndicated, proprietary and client data allows marketers to optimize a campaign’s performance to reach their target audience with the right message, using the right channel and at the right time. Marketers can find their ‘act alikes’ and know where and how to touch them to accelerate their path to purchase. The key to this valuable data lies in making it actionable.”

To drive ROI and make the most of their advertising dollars, brands and retailers must know their consumer – connect the who to the where using both online and offline data,” Keegan added. “The future is likely to bring even more data from an increased number of sources. Not unlike today, the key will be making that data actionable. Geography is the unifying touch point to help pinpoint the best shopper. Going forward, marketers should be willing to test and learn and to let data drive their planning.”

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