Get Ready to Participate: Four Ways Marketers Use Omnichannel Marketing to Capitalize on Large-Scale Events

PREformance-targeting-olympicsLarge-scale events like the Olympics or the Super Bowl present an interesting opportunity for marketers, especially those with a global audience, reports Thérèse Mulvey on the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) Thought Leadership.

Large-scale events are an opportune time to engage with audiences but advertisers shouldn’t feel like they need to spend millions of dollars to nab mindshare and move their prospects down the path to purchase.

On average, it takes approximately 10 different touch points to get a consumer to convert which is why we can expect to see more marketers using an Omnichannel strategy that mixes online and offline tactics to gain eyeballs and drive engagement.

Advances in integrated print and digital campaigns have created new, cost-effective ways for your brand to get attention that’s measurable and effective. By integrating your campaigns with print and online media your brand can be perfectly positioned to get the best possible reach and brand lift that drives conversions.

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