Consumer Insights

Coupons Rule For Back To School 2016

Tis the season for notebooks and pens.  As parents and students enter a new school year the retail landscape looks positive.  New research from Prosper Insights and eMarketer point to an uptick in back to school spending for 2016.  This important retail event is not to be taken lightly as spending expectations are at a whopping $2.73 Billion. A study by Fluent says that families usually spend between $100 to $249 per child.  Many see this year as a “replenishment” opportunity for back to school spending versus past years […]

Millennial Moms The Perfect Target

In today’s dynamic economy, everyone needs a strategy to reach and engage with Millennial Moms.  Currently, 83% of all new mothers are Millennials and that number will only grow. Given that they are the first generation to outnumber the Baby Boomers their spending power is significant as in $170 Billion dollars per year!  Sounds good right? Well not so fast, don’t start your marketing and messaging strategy before making sure that you really understand them.  This group of savvy Moms will […]